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          日期:2005-03-02  作者:

           1. This is the train ____ we went to Shanghai.

          A. by which   B. by that    C. whose   D. where

          2. --Have you ever been to Rome?

             --No, but that's the city________.

          A. where I most like to visit         B. I'd most like to visit

          C. which I like to visit most         D. where I'd like most to visit

          3. He keeps a record of everything      he had seen there.   

          A. he    B. that    C. which    D. what

          4. Mr. John said that Suzhou was the first city      he had visited in China. 

          A. that    B. where    C. which    D. what

          5. The TV play I watched last night is the best one   I have watched this year.

            A. which      B. what    C. whose    D. that

          6. Is this the museum    you visited the other day? 

          A. that    B. where    C. in which    D. the one

          7. This is the very film      I've long wished to see. 

          A. which    B. that    C. who    D. whom

          8. There is no difficulty      can't be overcome in the world. 

          A. that    B. which    C. who    D. what

          9. Who is the person      is standing at the gate of Beijing Tourism Tower? 

          A. who    B. that    C. which    D. whom

          10. As a teacher, I seldom give my students so difficult a problem ______they can not work out.

          A. that         B. if             C. in order that      D. as  

          11. The house    the capitalist used to live in is now a nursery. 

          A. that    B. where    C. what    D. when

          12. This is the last time      I shall come here to help you. 

          A. that    B. which    C. when    D. what

          13. My neighbors used to give me a hand in time of trouble,   was very kind of them. 

          A. who      B. that    C. which    D. whom

          14. I now know why Mao impresses everyone who meets him the way    he does.

          A. which     B. what    C./    D. now

          15. This is the baby      tomorrow.
            A. after whom I shall look     B. whom I shall look after 

          C. whose I shall look after     D. after whom I shall look after

          16. She was no longer the woman      she was. 

          A. that    B. which    C. what    D. who

          17. That's the hotel    last year. 

          A. which we stayed  B. at that we stayed  C. Where we stayed at   D. where we stayed

          18. The doctor did all   to save the wounded boy.

            A. what he could               B. he could   

          C. everything which he could      D. for which he could do

          19. Anyone      this opinion may speak out. 

          A .that againsts  B. that against   C. who is against  D. who are against

          20. The place      you are standing used to be an old church. 

          A. which     B. where     C. that          D. when

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